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The Company


Kuniy & W Sports was born in 1998, when the friends Alexandre and Sandro saw in their common passion with football and São Paulo Futebol Clube, a business opportunity. Both worked at Mannesmann Rexroth in Pomerode (SC) and in parallel with their activities, started to manage football players.

In 1998, with ending of Blumenau Esporte Clube (BEC), so many players in the region were unemployed, which meant that friends signed contracts with the first clients. Four of these players went to Francisco Beltrão in Parana State and one player – dicovered at Amateur League of Pomerode – Chris, now in Wolfsburg-ALE, went to the Democrata-MG. It was the beginning.

In 1999, the first international transference. With only four months of activity in the company, the player Alex Marcelino (photo below, green) was transferred to Austria Lustenau – 1st division of Austria.

The country then began to receive many players of the company over the years and the city of Lustenau was the gateway into the European market, also the team of FC Lustenau 1907.

In 2001, our first huge transfer. Rafael Schmitz (photo), young central defender born in Blumenau, played in Malutrom-PR, was sold to Lille in France. After more transfers, Marquinhos (Avaí) and Charles (Alto Vale) to FC Lustenau, came the decision to work full time in the company. Thus, the partner Sandro became licensed agent CBF / FIFA No. 013, one of the first in Brazil.

With time to work only with football, in 2002 the company began its relationship with Clube Atlético Metropolitano, from Blumenau (SC). At that time, indicated the head coach, four players and became a shareholder partner of the club. In 2003, it started to work on the board of the club, considering the requests of the President at that time, Mr. Alfonso Rogério. There was years of hard working and investment. The company has got joined a group of friends who also wanted a strong football in his hometown, becoming everybody members of the board of directors.

Immediately the club was promoted two times in a row: Second Division Catarinense 2003 (in practice it was 3rd Division) to 2004 Serie A2 and then to 2005 Serie A1, where until the end of the company’s participation in the club (February, 2011) never left. Titles were conquered with the youth team, a title in the Centenary Tournament FC Lustenau in Austria, winning St. Gallen (SWI) by 4-2 in the final in 2007, three berths in National competitions (2008 Brazilian Serie C and Brazilian Serie D in 2010 and 2011 ) and the main, never to owe anyone.

Today, the company that has concluded many national and international transfers, is recognized for its work throughout the South of Brazil. Besides, managing many players, it also acts as intermediary. The most recognized case is the successful sale of the striker Leandro Damião from Atlético de Ibirama to International de Porto Alegre in 2009.

The countries with the highest performance of the company are Austria, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland and Brazil, but has been made intermediation in many countries such as Holland, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Hong Kong, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Moldova , Denmark and Israel.


Some transfers of Kuniy & W Sports in recent years:


– ÁLVARO VIEIRA: Confiança-BRA for Montedio Yamagata-JAP

– HENIK: FC Gifu-JAP for Tochigi-JAP

– DIEGO JARA: Matsumoto Yamaga-JAP for Mito Hollyhock-JAP

– ERIC DE OLIVEIRA: Viitorul-ROM for Al-Markhiya-QAT

– MARIANO TRÍPODI: Deportivo Español-ARG for Unión San Felipe-CHI

– MARCELO OLIVEIRA: Moreirense-POR for Santa Clara-POR

– JONATHA: Metropolitano-BRA for Avaí-BRA

– RODOLFO TITO: Atlético Itapemirim-BRA for Boa Esporte Clube-BRA

– DOUGLAS SILVA: Mladá Boleslav-CZE for Brusque-BRA

– JÚNIOR FELL: Roasso Kumamoto-JAP for FC Cascavel-BRA

– HENRIQUE: Metropolitano-BRA for Atlético Itapemirim-BRA

– MAURÍCIO: Brusque-BRA for Costa Rica-BRA

– LEVI ROBERTO: Metropolitano-BRA for Concórdia-BRA


– ANDREI GIROTTO: Chapecoense-BRA to Nantes-FRA (partnership with Brazil Soccer)

– JÚNIOR FELL: Metropolitano-BRA to Roasso Kumamoto-JAP

– ERIC: Gaz Metan Medias-ROM to Viitorul-ROM

– WILLIAM: Metropolitano-BRA to Austria Lustenau-AUS

– PAULO VICTOR: Metropolitano-BRA to Austria Lustenau-AUS

– DIEGO: Joinville-BRA to Matsumoto Yamaga-JAP

– MARCELO OLIVEIRA: Moreirense-POR to Santa Clara-POR

– CLÁUDIO VITOR: Metropolitano-BRA to Joinville-BRA

– ANDREI GIROTTO: Kyoto Sanga-JAP to Chapecoense-BRA (partnership with Brazil Soccer)

– MARIANO TRÍPODI: Metropolitano-BRA to Español-ARG

– RICARDO LOBO: Brusque-BRA to Joinville-BRA

– SABIÁ: Metropolitano-BRA to Rosário FC-GTM

– JEAN MOSER: Tochigi-JAP to Metropolitano-BRA

– JR FELL: Atlético/PR-BRA to Metropolitano-BRA

– MARIANO TRÍPODI: Club Ferro Carril-ARG to Metropolitano-BRA

– RICARDO LOBO: Doxa-CYP to Brusque-BRA

– SABIÁ: Juventus-BRA to Metropolitano-BRA


– Andrei Girotto, from Palmeiras-BRA to Kyoto Sanga-JAP (in partnership with FOL Sports and Brazil Soccer)

– Paulinho, from JEF United-JAP to Shonan Ballmare-JAP

– Eduardo “Dudu”, from Kashiwa Reysol-JAP to Kawasaki Frontale-JAP

– Jean Moser, from Zweigen Kanazawa-JAP to Tochigi SC-JAP

– Mariano Tripodi, from Joinville-BRA to Santo André-BRA

– Douglas Silva, from Joinville-BRA to Bragantino-BRA

– Eric, from Matsumoto Yamaga-JAP to Najran FC-KSA

– Ricardo Lopes, from Jeju United-KOR to Jeonbuk Motors-KOR

– Marquinhos, from Sinop-BRA toa Cuiabá-BRA


– Eric, from Pandurii-ROM to Matsumoto Yamaga-JAP

– Obina, from América Mineiro-MG to Matsumoto Yamaga-JAP (in partnership with FOL Sports and Brazil Soccer)

– Doriva, from América Mineiro-MG to Matsumoto Yamaga-JAP (in partnership with FOL Sports and Brazil Soccer)

– Cristiano, from Ventforet Kofu-JAP to Kashiwa Reysol-JAP

– Paulinho, from Tochigi-JAP to JEF United-JAP

– Ricardo Lopes, from Globo-RN to Jeju United-KOR

– Jean Moser, from Metropolitano-SC to Zweigen Kanazawa-JAP

– Ricardo Lobo, from Ehime-JAP to Doxa Katokopia-CYP


– Paulinho, from Tochigi-JAP to Kawasaki Frontale-JAP

– Cristiano, from Red Bull Salzburg-AUT to Ventforet Kofu-JAP

– Douglas, from Red Bull Salzburg-AUT to Vasco-RJ

– Sabiá, from Tochigi-JAP to Matsumoto Yamaga-JAP

– Dudu, from Metropolitano-SC to Tochigi SC-JAP and then Kashiwa Reysol-JAP

– Marcelo Oliveira, from Apoel Nicosia-CYP to Moreirense-POR

– Junior Fell, from Metropolitano-SC to Atlético Paranaense-PR

– Rafael Pereira, from Juventude-RS to Criciúma-SC

– Eric, from Pandurii Târgu Jiu-ROM to Al Ahli-ARA

– Ricardo Lopes, from Globo-RN to Fortaleza-CE

– Jean Moser, from Metropolitano-SC to Union Vöcklamarkt-AUT

– Anderson, from Metropolitano-SC to Union Vöcklamarkt-AUT

– Marquinhos, from Atl. Ibirama-SC to Union Vöcklamarkt-AUT

– Leandro Melo, from Metropolitano-SC to Juventude-RS

– Ricardo Lobo, from Doxa Katokopia-CYP to Brusque-SC and then Ehime-JAP


– Ricardo Lobo, from Kashiwa Reysol-JAP to Doxa Katokopia FC – CYP

– Cristiano, from Red Bull Salzburg-AUT to Tochigi-JAP

– Dudu, from Metropolitano-SC to Austria Lustenau-AUT

– Dudu, from Metropolitano-SC to Gainare Tottori-JAP

– Junior, from Metropolitano-SC to Ferencvaros-HUN

– Andrei, from Metropolitano-SC to América-MG

– Douglas, from Red Bull Salzburg-AUT to Figueirense-SC


– Rafael Schmitz, from Valenciennes-FRA to Atlético-PR;

– Paulinho, from Metropolitano-SC to Tochigi-JAP;

– Cristiano, from Metropolitano-SC to Red Bull Salzburg-AUT;

– Ricardo Lobo, from Tochigi-JAP to Kashiwa Reysol-JAP;

– Mike Havenaar, from Ventforet Kofu-JAP to Vitesse-HOL;

– Rafael Pereira, from Metropolitano-SC to Juventude-RS;

– Jairo, from Metropolitano-SC to Tochigi-JAP.


– Douglas da Silva, from Hapoel Tel Aviv-ISR to Red Bull Salzburg-AUT;

– Mariano Trípodi, from Arsenal-ARG to Tochigi-JAP;

– Mariano Trípodi, from Tochigi-JAP to Vaduz-SUI;

– Rafinha, from Metropolitano-SC to Vaduz-SUI;

– Eric Oliveira, from Metropolitano-SC to Karpaty-UKR;

– Marcelo Oliveira, from Atromitos-GRE to Apoel Nicosia-CYP;

– Sabiá, from FC Vaduz-SUI to Tochigi-JAP.